Pierce Hall Community Center, Inc.
38 Main St.
P.O. Box 36
Rochester, VT 05767
Pierce Hall in the 1920’s.
“Where, except in a typical New England Village like Rochester, could such a gathering be held, old and young, from far and near, meeting for a common purpose, a good time together?”

— Opening of Pierce Memorial Hall, 1916
Pierce Hall today.
Old sheetrock has seen its last day.
For further information about YOUR participation in PHCC,
please contact:

Valerie F. Levitan, Ph.D.
Executive Director, PHCC,
P.O. Box 36
Rochester, VT 05767
Phone: (802) 767-3836

Modified and Revised as of January, 2011


Phase I

“The Beginning”
Renovations to the area which is the Masons’ meeting place

Start Date: June 2006
Occupancy: September 2006

Cost: $80.000

Result: Relocation of Masons Lodge meeting room to second floor front room.

  Major sources of Funding:

Otto Haas Trust ($33,000)

R. William Becker

Route 100 Lions Club

Baird Foundation

Robert Fleming/Jane Patrick

Lamson Howell Foundation

Agnes Lindsay Trust

30 Key Club Members

All donated professional services.

Phase II

Lower-Level Basement Water Issues, Heating, and Fire and Protection Sprinkler System.

Start Dates: September 2006
through 2007
Conclusion: 2008

Estimated costs of water issues, connection to town systems, heat, roofing repairs, sprinklers: $250,000.

Result: New lower-level flooring; dry and stable foundation; safety of building.

  Committed and Donated Sources of Funding:

Division of Historic Preservation Trust Tax Credit

Senator Leahy grant

Vermont Council of the Arts
(2006 Water $17,400 & 2008 Heat $20,000)

R. William Becker ($25,000)
McRae Fund ($20,000)

Baird Foundation
(2006 Water $25,000)

Otto Haas Trust (2006 $33,000, 2007 $34,000)

Division of Historic Preservation Tax Credit (Sprinklers $50,000)

Recreation and Education Facilities Grant ($10,000)

Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation ($6,000)

Events, Mailings, Individuals, Families, and Businesses ($35,000)

Phase III

The Auditorium, Restoration of Curtain, Balcony, Business Office, Insulation and Heating.

Approximate Start Date: August 2008

Estimated cost: $160,000

Result: Full use of auditorium for activities.


Committed Source of Funding:

Preservation Trust of Vermont/Freeman Foundation ($50,000)

Family foundations; Income-producing Events and Memberships; Mailings; Donors

Baird Foundation ($30,000)

Haas Trust ($50,000)

Bernie Sanders stimulus funds ($18,675)

Phase IV

“The Lift”
Elevator and Historic Tower

Approximate Start Date: April 30, 2012
Estimated cost: $215,000

Result: Handicapped accessibility, making Pierce Hall the only 3-story Community Center in the Valley with such an accommodation.


Committed Source of Funding:

Wyncote Foundation ($60,000)

Marvin & Barbara Harvey ($30,000)

Baird Foundation ($10,000)

William Becker ($10,000)

Vermont Tax Credit ($49,000)

VT Rec. & Cultural Faciliites ($14,000)

Community ($35,000)

Lamson Howell ($5,000)

Income-producing Events and Memberships, Mailings, Donations.

Phase V

“Meet and Greet”
Meeting/Conference Rooms, Fitness Center, Senior Center, CVY/Teen Center

Start Date: August 2012.
Estimated cost: $200,000.

Result: Original building fully operable.


Anticipated Sources of Funding:

Foundations, individuals, income-producing events and memberships, mailings, donations.

Estimated total: $1,350,000 plus contingencies.