Pierce Hall Community Center, Inc.
38 Main St.
P.O. Box 36
Rochester, VT 05767

Pierce Hall Calendar DInner:
March 27, 2012

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A big success at the annual theme-based fundraising event.

Rates begin at $30/hr. for rental of auditorium.

For winter months (Oct. - Apr.), a $50 heating surcharge is applied per event.



Pierce Hall in the 1920’s.
“Where, except in a typical New England Village like Rochester, could such a gathering be held, old and young, from far and near, meeting for a common purpose, a good time together?”

— Opening of Pierce Memorial Hall, 1916
Pierce Hall today.
Old sheetrock has seen its last day.
For further information about YOUR participation in PHCC,
please contact:

Valerie F. Levitan, Ph.D.
Executive Director, PHCC,
P.O. Box 36
Rochester, VT 05767
Phone: (802) 767-9599

Upcoming Schedule at Pierce Hall:

Valley Idol Finals
Friday, April 19 at 7 pm

VT Comedy Tour
Sat. April 20 at 7:30 pm


The Next Step in Restoration:
Elevator Tower & Handicapped Accessibility

The next step in restoration of Pierce Hall is to construct an elevator and stair tower so that the building will be handicapped-accessible, as mandated by the Americans for Disabiities Act. In the meantime, activities in the auditorium are permitted on a case by case basis.

Update: January 2013. The elevator tower is almost completed! Here is a photo of the progress as of January 22.

>> Our Vision: The Five Phases of the Project
>>See the Chronology Highlights of PHCC


To date Pierce Hall has raised the funds for the deed transfer, Phases I and II, (now into Phases III and IV) and has paid the expenses such as architect’s and engineer’s fees as well as operational costs approximating $20,000 a year for utilities, insurance, the annual mailing, postage, and event expenses. It has been estimated that volunteer hours have totaled over $350,000 worth of time each year for management, grant-writing, public relations, accounting, and incidental construction labor. The Town of Rochester has given a 5-year tax abatement twice.

Pierce Hall is listed with the State of Vermont’s Division of Historic Sites, and its location in the Town of Rochester has been determined to be part of the Designated Village Center.

Letters of support have been received from the six towns and from numerous organizations such as the Center for Valley Youth, Quintown Senior Center, Route 100 Lions Club, White River Valley Players, Rochester Chamber Music Society, Suzuki Green Mountain Summer Institute, and Quintown Prevention Partnership.

The original painted curtain has now been restored.

We thank all of you for your interest and support during the restoration stages of Pierce Hall Community Center. We hope you will join with us as we move foward with this project and help us to make it happen. For further information about YOUR participation in PHCC, please contact us.