Executive Committee
(no chair)

Mona Colton
Keefer Irwin

Arts & Events
Dorothy Robson

Rose Juliano

Land Preservation and Recreation

Beth Kennett

Nancy Esteban Sanz (co-chair)
Tanner Pratt (Teen co-chair)

Public Relations
Nancy Esteban Sanz

Norm Christiansen

Roller Derby Club
Kelly Kelly


Please send your tax deductible donations to:
PHCC, P.O. Box 36, Rochester, VT 05767
Please fill out our donation form in PDF format.

The Pierce Hall project could not have even gotten off the ground without its volunteer workers.  The success of the project so far is due in large part to the hard work of the many community volunteers, and it will be these volunteers who take the project to the next step, the opening of our community center later this year.
It is in this spirit that we address the building work that needs to be done this spring and summer. 

Remember that YOU put the community in Pierce Hall Community Center.

Join our growing list of volunteers. The various Councils welcome your participation.